A fellow writer inspired this “starry-eyed” poetry

My respect was for this writer was well-deserved by these last six lines:

“Does the Universe mourn the dying star?
Or does it celebrate it giving birth to new possibilities?
Does the star truly die?
Or can it only transform?
For I am stardust.
Dancing in the darkness.”

Inspired, I wrote this and had great fun doing it:

“Do we not fall apart

Into what seems a timeless dark

Only to someday collide

With some drifting supernova?

And then

From within fall apart

Who are we?

If we are not stars,

I do not know who we are.

We shine and fizzle

We are born

And we do explode

We are so far away from others

Yet we long for them to look at us

To accept that we, like stars, should not be hidden behind human constructs or adjusted

By human lights.

NO! We should be celebrated, for, like stars, we are strong and bright.

Like stars, we glisten as we survive the night.

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