When’s the last time the world wasn’t falling apart?

Thanks for the quote, Blood Diamond.

Blood Diamond is an ugly presentation of harsh realities that are not strictly African, but human. Continually, we let each other down. We give into darkness and we sharpen our blades while our neighbors are longing for a friend, our children are desperate for meaning and attention, our old folks are fading away painfully and our institutions crumble under the weight of always-to-heavy, ever-changing demands.

Ask yourself really: When is the last time the world wasn’t falling apart? It always has been! Since that old FALL in the garden of Eden, however that took place. Don’t worry about the interpretation, just admit that there is something common to humanity in that ALL of us fall. We all fail. We have all broken down. We all need hope and love.

Now ask yourself: What can I do for my family and community that might push back the falling tide, even just a little? Maybe you’ll think of gifts you can give, gifts of words, gifts of passion, gifts of material. Maybe you’ll realize there’s someone in your life that is going through a hard time and that you should stop neglecting them. Maybe you’ll even do some deep digging and realize that you have an addiction you need to kick and that maybe you should start attending some counseling sessions and classes.

Our lives are so different, yet they are the same. We all have great capacities for good and for evil. We need to embrace each other, now and later. We need to accept each other, now and later. We need to BE each other, now and later. 




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