So Here We Are

I’ve been looking for a soul-searching journey that wouldn’t waste my time, for a sacrifice that promises rewards, a space to find the relief of vulnerability and a path to learn humility. I caught a whiff of the answer to this searching when I met a 39 year old man who had just gotten out of the ICU where he was being cared for after cutting himself in attempted suicide. He gave me long explanations of life and his story, but two words prevailed when our paths shortly thereafter split. These two words were transcend and duality.

So here I am to write about both successful and vain attempts of transcending duality, and not just that but whatever else in between. Some will be my stories, some poems, some ramblings. Some other stuff will appear from time to time; maybe a song or a book recommendation. I do desire to help others, but I am looking forward to being helped as well. Message me, think about me, and only trust in me when what I’m saying can be discerned as utterly wise. I’m far from perfect.

I am definitely at a place where I need to move away from “I wish I was,” and towards, “I am becoming.” The shaky experience of living divided and dualistically is soul-splitting, conscience degrading and time wasting. Come with me. Let’s make our realities conform to our higher goals instead of being bent, molded and deceived by the system and the common pattern of life. Let’s set our own patterns corresponding to the most proven designs and transcend duality. 

“I want to be two people at once. One runs away.”
Peter Heller,