Liberating Love

Have you noticed that it’s the people who are in pain who find it hard to receive a hug?

I once saw a video of a dog barking madly and hiding in a corner. The end of the video showed how a loving and persistent person was able to soothe and free that dog. That crazed dog became a pet.

I like the movie Spirit because it displays two ways of taming a horse. Now I don’t know much about horses,  but I fell in love with the way the Indian treated the horse. He befriended the horse, was gentle, patient, kind and persistent; he loved to liberate, not to own.

So I ask, when will we start loving to liberate? Are we going to find those that are so hurt, so ashamed, so trapped and starting loving them in ways that bring hope and freedom?

No matter where we are at in the world, in culture, in socioeconomic status, there are people nearby that need compassion, grace, freedom and human touch. Let’s go find them.